An immensely affirmative and practical guide to getting employment in Africa.

John Battersby, UK Country Manager,
Brand South Africa

‘I Want to Work in Africa’ by Frances Mensah Williams is a practical step-by-step guide packed with invaluable information, personal stories and advice from Human Resources Managers, Executive Recruiters and professionals who have successfully made the move to Africa.

Foreword by John Battersby,

UK Country Manager, Brand South Africa

“I cannot think of a more timely or practical book for African professionals planning to repatriate their skills and experience or for non-Africans planning to work or invest in the continent which is now poised on the brink of a major economic turnaround.”

About the author:

Frances Mensah Williams is a writer, career coach and Human Resources consultant with over twenty years experience of developing and managing people. She is the CEO of award-winning HR, Training and Coaching consultancy, Interims for Development Ltd., and the Managing Editor of ReConnect

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