An immensely affirmative and practical guide to getting employment in Africa.

John Battersby, UK Country Manager,
Brand South Africa

‘I Want to Work in Africa’ by Frances Mensah Williams is a practical step-by-step guide packed with invaluable information, personal stories and advice from Human Resources Managers, Executive Recruiters and professionals who have successfully made the move to Africa. 

In this book, Frances Mensah Williams shares her tips from her own experience as a career coach, as well as the advice of many people she has interviewed over the years, including employers, recruiters and professionals who have moved their careers into Africa.

This highly readable book will help you draw up your personal road map for your career journey; clarify your motivation, assess your skills and develop a compelling case for why recruiters and corporations should hire you.

This unique book will give you all the answers you need to the following questions:

  • Why Africa?
  • What’s my Motivation?
  • Who’s Hiring?
  • What Do I Bring to the Table?
  • What’s My Career Strategy?
  • How Do I Sell Myself?
  • How Do I Handle the Change?
  • How do I Plan My Move?

Complete with Useful Resources and messages from some of Africa’s leading employers, this unique, step-by-step guide to working in the fastest growing continent in the world offers invaluable advice on the African job market, the industries and professions in demand, how to put in place a winning strategy, write a compelling CV, make the right connections, and find a job in Africa that builds on your career and talents in today's competitive job market.