Making a career move to Africa may be the best decision you ever make.

‘I Want to Work in Africa: How to Move Your Career to the World’s Most Exciting Continent’

‘I Want to Work in Africa’ is a practical step-by-step guide packed with invaluable information, personal stories and advice from Human Resources Managers, Executive Recruiters and professionals who have successfully made the move to Africa.

What Makes Africa the Most Exciting Continent Today?

There has been a remarkable turnaround in the Africa story; from a relentlessly negative portrayal of the continent to one that highlights the increasing number of success stories that can be found.

Where Africa was once solely portrayed as a high risk proposition, today’s stories of enterprise, creativity, and commercial success have generated a greater desire on the part of both Africans and non-Africans to be part of the economic turnaround of the continent.

At the same time as the global economic crisis and resultant slowdown has hit the jobs market in Europe and the United States hard, Africa is on the rise.

What does this mean for you as you consider taking your career into this most exciting and diverse of continents?

While many African countries offer a wealth of opportunities for a wide range of careers across many sectors, you need to plan your approach to give yourself the best chance to identify and get the job you want.

“The greatest problem facing African businesses today is the immense difficulty of attracting sufficient talent.”
Elijah Litheko, CEO,
Institute of Personnel Management South Africa

Today, companies and organisations in Africa are recruiting for skills like yours. Give yourself the best chance of finding the right role with the right employer.

This highly readable book will help you draw up your personal road map for this exciting step in your career journey; clarify your motivation, assess your skills and develop a compelling case for recruiters and corporations, ensuring that they recognize the powerful contribution you can make.

A unique, step-by-step guide to working in the fastest growing continent in the world that offers invaluable advice on the African job market, the industries and professions in demand, how to put in place a winning strategy, write a compelling CV, make the right connections, and find a job in Africa that builds on your career and talents in today's competitive job market.

‘I Want to Work in Africa’ gives you invaluable tips from an experienced career coach, as well as advice from employers, recruiters and professionals who have made the move to Africa for careers and for business.

‘I Want to Work in Africa’ will give you all the answers you need to the following questions:

  • Why Africa?
  • What’s my Motivation?
  • Which Sectors in Africa are booming?
  • Who’s Hiring?
  • What Do I Bring to the Table?
  • What’s My Career Strategy?
  • How do I Build a Network?
  • How Do I Sell Myself?
  • What should my CV look like?
  • How Can I Change Careers?
  • How Do I Handle the Change in Cultures?
  • How do I Plan My Move?

‘I Want to Work in Africa’ comes complete with Useful Resources to help you get started and messages from some of Africa’s leading employers.

“The time for Africa is now.”
Mark Otty,
Ernst & Young’s 2nd Africa Attractiveness Survey

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