Africa’s prospects for growth… provide you with greater opportunities for better jobs than ever before.

‘I Want to Work in Africa: How to Move Your Career to the World’s Most Exciting Continent’

Do your students or network members need advice on careers in Africa?

For professionals and graduates faced with increasingly tight restrictions for working in the UK, Europe and the United States, for non-African professionals struggling in a slow job market, and for ambitious professionals looking to boost their careers with international experience, Africa offers an exciting and growing market for careers.

Working in Africa

Africa has seen a significant growth in employment opportunities for African and non-African graduates and today, the African continent offers a wealth of opportunities for a wide range of careers across many sectors. 

Africa has witnessed incredible economic growth and over the past 10 years it has produced six out of the 10 most rapidly expanding economies in countries including Nigeria, Angola, Rwanda and Mozambique. Africa is predicted to grow at an average rate of over 7% over the next 20 years, creating opportunities for companies to expand operations.

Working in Africa Workshop

The ‘Working in Africa’ workshop is a highly participative workshop for undergraduates and experienced professionals that will introduce participants to the African job market and highlight some of the approaches needed to succeed in working in that region.

Shedding Light on Career Opportunities

With growth across numerous sectors, national and multinational companies are increasingly seeking talent to meet their needs. For students and experienced professionals, whether African or not, considering the opportunity to work in Africa, it is critical to understand the terrain and to plan an approach that gives the best chance to identify and get the right job.

“Particularly for those who come from the USA, the Ghana hiring system is very British and is more experience based than capability based. So one needs to be very specific on resumes or in interviews about how one’s past experiences matter.”

Selorm Adadevoh
‘I Want to Work in Africa: How to Move Your Career to the World’s Most Exciting Continent’

The ‘I Want to Work in Africa’ Workshop will give your students or network group the information and advice they need to:

  • Plan a job search strategy for the African job market
  • Critically assess and review their transferable skills and personal strengths
  • Plan the different routes into their targeted new market
  • Revise the layout and content of their CV and cover letters for their new target market
  • Improve their networking skills
  • Prepare for the cultural change involved in working in Africa
  • Structure their approach to interviews and meetings with potential employers
  • Signpost information and advice on their sectors of interest

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